Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is actively participating in the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly election campaign, speaking at a public gathering in Bundi on Sunday. In his address, he questioned the essence of Mother India, stating, We all express allegiance to Mother India. I believe, you believe, even Prime Minister Narendra Modi believes, but who is Mother India? Rahul Gandhi asserted that Mother India includes the people, particularly the farmers and laborers.

Stressing the need for a caste-based census to deepen our understanding of Mother India, Rahul Gandhi highlighted that 50% of the country's population belongs to backward classes, with an additional 15% for Dalits and 12-14% for tribals.

Emphasizing the concept at the Bundi rally, he reiterated that the citizens of the country symbolize Mother India. He brought this sentiment to Parliament, raising questions about demographics and focusing on the numbers of tribals, impoverished individuals, and the affluent.

As the weather cools in Rajasthan, the political atmosphere heats up. Campaigns for the Legislative Assembly elections are gaining momentum. On Monday, Rahul Gandhi continued addressing public meetings in Bundi, Dausa, and Sikar, where he directly scrutinized Prime Minister Narendra Modi. During the election rally in Gotra, Bundi, he argued that although Modi discusses Dalits, the poor, and farmers, the reality is that he works for Adani, prioritizing their interests.

Updated On 20 Nov 2023 1:40 PM GMT
Rishika Kukrety

Rishika Kukrety

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