Shilpa Shetty's husband, Raj Kundra, is going to appear in movies soon. The trailer of his new film "UTI 69" just came out, giving us a peek into his life. Alongside this, Raj Kundra's tweet is causing quite a stir. In the tweet, he said, "We have grown apart." His video tweet is getting very popular on Twitter, and people are responding.

What's Raj Kundra's tweet all about?

Raj Kundra tweeted around 1 AM, and it got people talking. In his tweet, he mentioned, "We have grown apart, and I kindly ask for your patience during this tough time." He also used folded hands and a broken heart emoji in the tweet. Raj Kundra's tweet is a bit mysterious, leading to different guesses.

How are people on social media reacting?

Twitter users are sharing their thoughts on Raj Kundra's post. One person asked, "Does separation mean... divorce?" Another person joked, "You must be talking about your mask." Some even brought up Shilpa Shetty's name. While some think this might be a movie promotion and not related to Raj's personal life, only time will reveal the truth

Raj Kundra's movie "UTI 69"

Raj Kundra is getting a lot of attention because of his movie "UTI 69." The film's trailer recently came out, showing glimpses of his life, including allegations of making adult films and his time in jail. "UTI 69" is scheduled to be in theaters on November 3.

It's important to note that Raj was arrested by Mumbai police on July 19, 2021, for allegations related to explicit films. He was later released from jail and has been seen wearing a mask until now. During the trailer, Raj took off his mask, and since then, he's been seen without it.

Rishika Kukrety

Rishika Kukrety

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