Bihar YouTuber Manish Kashyap is set to be released from jail on Friday, after being granted bail by the Patna High Court. Earlier reports speculated his release on Thursday. But the situation has now been clarified. Kashyap faced charges of economic offenses and the case was registered under Patna Economic Offenses Case Number 5/23.

Allegations included the viral dissemination of a photo on social media, which was filed under the IT Act. The Patna High Court granted bail to Manish Kashyap after considering the case. During the proceedings, it was revealed that a viral photo showing Manish in handcuffs was falsely attributed to him. The court noted that Manish did not share the image, but it was created by an account belonging to a person named Jitendra Kumar. Advocates Adesh Raj Singh and Saurabh Kumar, representing the petitioner, stated that based on these facts, they had sought bail from the court and it was subsequently granted.

Manish Kashyap faced a total of 13 cases, of which 11 had already granted him bail from the lower courts. Now, he has secured bail in two more cases from the Patna High Court. The first case, Patna Economic Offenses Case Number 5/23, involved a viral image of Manish wearing handcuffs, and bail was granted in this case on Wednesday. The second case, Number 6/23, related to a video allegedly depicting the assault on Bihar laborers in Tamil Nadu, and bail was granted in this case approximately a week ago.

From Viral Posts to Courtroom Drama: Manish Kashyap's Bail Saga Settled

Manish Kashyap's legal representatives, Adesh Raj Singh and Saurabh Kumar, have confirmed that after obtaining bail from the Patna High Court, the bail order has been sent to the Patna District Court. Therefore, Manish Kashyap is expected to be released from jail on Friday. It is worth mentioning that last month, the Madurai Court in Tamil Nadu granted significant relief to Manish by granting him bail and revoking the charges under the National Security Act (NSA).

The allegations against Manish included the dissemination of fake videos portraying the assault on Bihar migrant laborers in Tamil Nadu. Manish was then brought back to Bihar and incarcerated in the Beur Jail.

Anurag Tiwari

Anurag Tiwari

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