In a twist of fate, the notorious gangster triumvirate named SAM, comprising Mohd Shahabuddin, Atiq Ahmed, and Mukhtar Ansari, have finally faced the consequences, heralding the downfall of their criminal reign. This turn of events serves as a remarkable victory for law enforcement and investigative authorities, who tirelessly pursued these infamous wrongdoers.

The saga of SAM was characterized by their audacious acts of kidnapping, murder, and looting, which sent shockwaves throughout the criminal underworld. With their stronghold in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, these gangsters amassed significant wealth through ruthless means. Moreover, they had connections with the Pakistan underworld, with Abu Salem acting as a key link in this unholy alliance.

Shahabuddin, Atiq, and Mukhtar, who belonged to minority communities, received backing from different political parties. Atiq and Mukhtar were particularly favored by the Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party in Uttar Pradesh, while Shahabuddin served as the Muslim representative for the RJD in Bihar. As time passed, their political influence and standing increased, and they were celebrated as champions by minority groups. Unfortunately, their decline started with the shifting political environment, which was characterized by growing communal divisions and polarization.

The unity of these three gangsters was built on mutual cooperation and shared interests. They supported each other by providing sophisticated weapons and safe havens when needed. Abu Salem played a crucial role in facilitating the Pakistan connection, smuggling weapons used by the Pakistan Army for their operations.

The law enforcement agencies finally caught up with Shahabuddin when a raid led to the discovery of a vast arsenal of weapons, along with a substantial amount of money and animal skins belonging to the Pakistan Army. This revelation exposed the depths of their criminal activities and highlighted the extent of their Pakistan connection.

The criminal nexus between Bihar and Uttar Pradesh has a long history, with previous instances such as the era of Shri Prakash Shukla and his associates dominating Bihar. These criminals collaborated to exert their influence and sought refuge across state borders during times of crisis. Even the murder of former minister Brij Bihari at IGIMS shed light on the interconnectedness of criminals from both states.

Political protection played a significant role in sustaining their dominance across Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Many members of SAM eventually entered politics themselves, solidifying their power base. Furthermore, their influence extended to Gorakhpur, where they leveraged their criminal connections to secure lucrative railway contracts.

Shahabuddin tragically passed away due to COVID-19 while he was serving his sentence in Tihar Jail. In a more recent incident, Atiq Ahmed met a grim end as he was fatally shot while under police custody. As of now, Mukhtar Ansari is the sole remaining individual, currently imprisoned and struggling with illness.

With the demise of Shahabuddin, the murder of Atiq, and the life imprisonment of Mukhtar Ansari, the reign of terror perpetuated by SAM has finally come to an end. The law enforcement agencies, having dismantled their criminal empire, are hopeful that this victory will serve as a deterrent to future criminals and restore peace and harmony in the region.

Updated On 5 Jun 2023 3:42 PM GMT
Anurag Tiwari

Anurag Tiwari

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